020# USA Verizon Fix/Clean/Clear Bad/Blacklisted ESN (iPhone, Samsung, Android etc) [Server Back]

Supported Model: Any iPhone, iPad, Android devices on Verizon USA. Once cleaned guaranteed to work on Verizon USA only. 

Requirement: ESN/MEID/IMEI that is reported lost, stolen or missing only. It will not work for non-pay devices.

Refund Policy by Supplier: No refund for wrong network or wrong order.

Service Availability: Daily

Notes: Once submitted cannot be cancelled or changed.

How to Place Order:

For iPhone 4S or any other devices with 15 digit MEID's, you can submit the MEID in the Single IMEI Field.

For iPhone 4 or any other devices with ESN starting with A1000xxx etc, submit in the IMEI field as 15 0's. Example: 00000000000000 and in the notes put the ESN (example: A100001C3458BE)


Price : $57USD