446# USA T-Mobile iPhone/Samsung/LG etc. Blacklist Removal *Exclusive* [Price Up Limited Slots]

SERVICE DETAILS: This Is Not An Unlock Service, This is UNBARRING / UNBLOCKING / CLEANING SERVICE of T-Mobile USA iPhones It Will Convert Blocked(Lost And Stolen) To Clean. After Converting To Clean, You Can Submit It For Unlocking In T-Mobile USA Clean IMEI iPhone Unlock Service. NOTE: If iPhone under Equipment Installation Plan (EIP) or has unpaid bills or in fraud list - it cannot be cleaned. 1) Return time is increased for cleaning 1-7 days. Should be done fast but we up in case of issues. (2) If the phone is blocked from financing and it gets cleaned and customer try to activate it on T-Mobile it will immediately go back to blocked. (3) If a blocked IMEI is cleaned that has financing, status will still show financing after cleaned. (4) If the phone is lost/stolen and cleaned without financing it can be used on T-Mobile. We suggest noting to customer that service should not be used to clean and activate on T-Mobile, only clean it and then for unlocking. There is no way for us to check what IMEI will be cleaned without financing. Just because it's blocked doesnt mean it has financing and just because its lost doesnt mean it doesnt have financing. So we suggest either making a premium service to clean and unlock for customer or putting a cleaning service only for unlocking. If device gets blacklisted again due to using on T-Mobile, no warranty accepted. Read all the above, if accepted then order.

Price : $19USD